Cubase 8 Full Installer

I just purchase Cubase 8 update from 7.5 but I found only update installer. I need to reinstall my windows and I am wondering is it there a full iso, or I need to instal 7.5 then 8?

MySteinberg/Downloads and you will find full ISO

I upgraded from version 6, because no information must keep 6 version or not i uninstalled after i read another similar question (version 5 to 8)

Now projects using loops and reverb presets missing. Loops from Cubase 6 missing. Should i uninstall this, install 6 then click on the 8 pro setup? Why you didn’t mention what to do? So many install uninstall why?

install 5-6-6.5…after 8pro. i install only the Additional Contents not the setup from begin… and now you have the loops-sampers from 5 and after.