Cubase 8 full installer


I’m looking for the full installer of cubase pro 8
I just find 8.0.40 in the download section.

In My Steinberg, I can Download 8.5 but can’t find 8

Thank You


Then it seems you are owner of Cubase 8.5. Is there any reason to install Cubase 8 instead 8.5? Did you own Cubase 8.0 before an upgrade to 8.5?

I’m on Maverick…

I see. Did you own Cubase 8 before? Or is Cubase 8.5 your very 1st Cubase version?

I came in at 7.5

Did you come to 8.5 over 8.0?

I bought 8 in last november, so i got free uograde to 8.5. But I don’t want to install Yosemite on my comp.
is runnuing great with maverick

I haven’t done this myself, but I seem to recall people in here talking about legacy downloads being available in one’s account.

Honest question - what’s the reason for all the back and forth? I’d read that a current Cubase license grants you access to prior versions. Not so?

@leroo do you just need the application installer? I might still have one laying around on my hard drive. Can’t say for sure I didn’t delete the OSX installer though, since I’m a Windows guy. I’ll have a look for you when I get back home.

Yes, it grants.


I sent you a PM :slight_smile:


Same problem here. Need full installer (cubase 8) for windows. Can you help me?

I Got it

Thank You

PM sent.

Also in need of the version 8 full installer, I now only have version 9 in my account.
Is there some way to access v8?

Hi Method,

Sent you a PM.

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I need 8.5 for Mac and PC here, thanks, its not in my account of course

Hi shanabit, PM sent.

Thanks Fabio

What is a good OS X download manager since this link keeps losing connection???

You can use FOLX 5.

Please find the download here: