Cubase 8 hangs after deactivating monitor button on any audi

Cubase hangs every time when I deactivate the record monitor button on any track.
I have updated my asio drivers to the most recent version (only 5 days old these drivers) and updated the flash software in my RM Fireface UC. No change.
Cubase 7.5 works fine with both the old and new drivers.
Help appreciated. Thanks.

Hi, Any solutions?. I´m also having this issue. Similar specs

Hi Macabril.
I have since found out that its not a problem if I switch off and disable “asio guard” in the device setup menu.
This seems to cure the problem completely.
Good luck. Cheers :slight_smile:

Hi. I’ve been having this problem for over a month now. Asked for tech support and was advised to change the name of the preferences file etc - this didn’t work. They also advised that I change the name of my Cubase 7.5 preferences file (despite the fact that Cubase 7.5 works perfectly well). When I asked why I needed to change the preferences of the Cubase 7.5 I got no reply???

I have uninstalled - reinstalled - updated ALL drivers and still the problem occurs

Although Asio Guard isn’t essential - I find it annoying in that this was part of the upgrade specs and yet it doesn’t work. It works pretty well in Cubase 8 (8.05) until I enable record or monitor on a track then, like you, I loose audio,meters and Vsti output.

Maybe it’s a dual Xeon issue?


I´m gonna test cubase 8 in serveral other systems and interfaces to see what happens…I´ll keep you posted.

i7 first gen, intel motherboard, firewire motu 16 and firewire saffire 56. perfect. Maybe it’s a dual Xeon issue?