"Cubase 8 has stopped working" on load

i bought cubase 8 last week and am getting this error message when i try and start it up on my laptop

works fine on my desktop computer which has (as far as i can tell) an identical boot drive with regards to plugin and program placement to make projects transferable

i have updated to the newest update on the laptop and this didn’t help, although it was not required for the desktop, and am not sure how to proceed

i have repaired the installation and uninstalled / reboot then fresh install a couple of times, also to no avail.

windows 7 pro 64 bit
intel i7 - 4710 2.5 quad
8gb of ram
kingston 128gb ssd boot and 1tb travelstar 7200 hdd

someone help ? :smiley:
i spend weekends at my girlfriends flat and want to use my new toy DX

Also worth noting (the only difference i can think of between the two machines that would affect the steinberg folders on my boot drive) - i have a copy of cubase 7 le from an old zoom recorder installed with a soft licence on the laptop, would this affect it ? am i unable to have multiple versions installed ?
i kinda wanted to keep it so i could work without an elicencer if need be

anyone ? especially someone from Steinberg…
no one snswering your uk phone support lines and frankly it looks like you dont give a poop about your customers -
i spent 300 quid on your product a few weeks ago and still can’t use it on my mobile setup

Unfortunately I am seeing this randomly, but about 35% of my attempts to open a large sequence in Cubase 8.05 after I start up my computer crash with this warning at the very end of its attempt to load the sequence. I have no other details. Usually waiting for the MR816 driver to reset relaunching Cubase and reopening fixes it most of the time, but many times it will crash a second time as well. Incredibly frustrating.

I made this project where i stacked a lot of vsts (nearly all i had). Lot of times cubase crashes when loading that project. They are all bypassed and the project has no audio or synths (experiment) Iam thinking it might be the 32bit ones causing trouble since the vstbridge seems to come down often too.

I have no 32 bit plus only 64 bit.

mine is crashing loading a blank project ? only on one of my computers though, desktop works flawlessly
i guess i’ll try the phones again tomorrow

Same deal. It will not load since I upgraded to 8.5. I’ve been on the phone a few times with Steinberg with no satisfactory result. I wanted to downgrade to Pro 8 but cannot find it. If anyone has figured this out we may pass the hat and erect a statue in your honor. Until then I’m gnashing my teeth and bashing my head.

My hunch would be this is all graphics related - driver and/or hardware concerns; I’ve read other posts here about Cubase being a little sensitive in this area. Sorry I can’t offer any actual solution mind; just an area of investigation…

The upcoming v8.0.20 release might help

Good luck all,

The problem lies with Retrlogue and Padshop. Remove them, and it works!

Yes i am having the same thing , very anoying.
Did the update other day and it was fine.
today , it loads the hub but as soon as i open a project (or try to) the message pops up “cubase 8 has stopped working”

is this a windows thing or a cubase thing?

I also experienced the same thing a friend, after I try it turns pro cubase 8 does not support Windows 7 64 bit but instead support windows 7 32 bit. If you want to use the 64-bit Windows 8.1 use only definite way. sorry my bad english because I’m Indonesian people… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Thank u…