Cubase 8 - Help!

Hello all!

I have a question.

If I have recorded a track with a synth, and I want the volume of that track to increase or decrease (like when you get closer to a drop and all the sudden the volume of the track drops) - Or if you just have a synth and you want to slowly increase the volume of that track (or decrease the volume for that matter).

What is this called? And how do you do it in Cubase?

/ V.


You can do this via Automation of Volume, or you can automate the MIDI Controller 11 (Expression).

So its called “Automation”?

In Ableton Live 9, its seen as a “line” that goes ontop of the track either going up or down depending if the volume is being increased or decreased?


Yes, it’s called “Automation”.

Is there different types of “Automation” or is it always about the volume?

Do you feel that the Cubase forums are good for getting help? (Are they active?).

Or are there other alternatives for forums when you have problems as a newbie?

There are many, many parameters to automate. You can automate for example Volume, Pan, Mute, EQ Freq/Gain/Q of every single band, any Insert effect (plug-in) parameter, all Channel Strip effects parameters, Send level, etc.

Yes, I would say, the members of this forum are very active, and willing to help anyone.

All very very true. At this point you might want to take a peek at the Operations Manual (pg. 576). :wink: