Cubase 8 high load on the any CPU Skylake!

Hello all,
Why Cubase Elements 8 installed on a computer with Windows 10 x64 and CPU Skylake (i7-6700) always generates a higher load (about 10% -15%) than on the CPU Broadwell (i7-4700)?
Even with the simplest design. The difference is always visible with any vsti instruments, with any sound card. Any version of Cubase32 or 64 bits.
For comparison, the attached picture you can see cpu load for 8 Cubase and Cubase 5 for the same project - one track, only drums with NI Kontakt VSTi
Please help me with this issue.

Thank you for your attention

I had a similar problem and had some crackling from CPU overload-distortion, and after sending a message to Steinberg they told me that my RAM was running on a bad frequency for my CPU. It was running on 2400 and after changing to 1600 the problem was gone. I dont understand it, and after looking around online for a little while I havent actually found any info about what RAM frequencies are good for which processors, but maybe you can find more than I did (I didnt really but my back into it to be honest, since my problem was solved).
My CPU is a Intel Core i7-4790K and the RAM is 2x DDR3-2400 / PC3-19200 DDR3 SDRAM UDIMM