Cubase 8 - How to make keyboard sound more like a Grand pian

Hi there,

I’d like to apologize if this is the wrong section to make this post but this is my first time on this forum. I’ve recorded a couple keyboard covers of songs and whenever I hear the playback, there doesn’t seem to be any amount of depth in the audio compared to when I play it on my keyboard. Is there a way I can make the keyboard audio that I’ve recorded sound more like an upright/grand piano (where the lower notes would sounds would have more depth)?

Just a reminder, I’m playing the actual song and recording it through an audio interface+usb.



You could try putting a boost EQ shelf on the lower frequencies, maybe try making the velocities harder on the lower notes? Are you recording audio or midi?

I believe audio. I’ve tried connecting everything to use midi (which hasn’t worked out) so I was hoping there would be a way by just recording straight from playing on the keyboard.

I’m no expert on audio editing, but there are some very knowledgeable folks on the forum who should be able to chip in.

Alright, sounds good. I appreciate your help!!

Try to play back your recording through the keyboard speakers. Either put it on usb stick or use the aux in on the keyboard. Just to compare.

I have similar experience. The keyboard sounds a bit better.
It may well just be the keyboard speakers with its “ultra wide stereo” and whatever other settings doing its magic.

Hey misohoza, I see what you mean, except I’m putting these piano covers on youtube so I might need a different method to solve that problem. I’ve tried changing the frequences on the EQ effects like how misosoup described it and it seems to be a bit better but only slightly.

Welcome to the wonderful world of recording. Unfortunately it does take quite a while to get the sound you hear in your hear. A lot of experiment, trial and error and there is no way that you can avoid this. Learning how to use eq takes time - learning how to use compressors takes time - and this goes for everything else. To be fair it is very difficult to give advice without hearing the issues you are concerned with. If it is any comfort we have all been there. I know I have.

What keyboard are you recording and how is it connected to your interface?

I’m recording on a Yamaha P-115 Digital Piano and it’s connected through the Yamaha AGO3 Mixing Console through 2 chords - the left and right (channel 2 and 3 respectively). The audio interface itself is connected to the laptop through a USB port.

Add lots of long reverb. :slight_smile:

The recorded sound should sound pretty close to what comes out of the keyboard assuming you have the correct cables (Mono)and have the track recording to stereo (or 2 mono tracks that you have panned left and right …but of course depending what speakers you’re listening on, things may seem completely different.

How are you listening to the playback of the recorded piano?

Maybe post a short clip so people can gauge if there is a problem in the recording.

First of all thanks so much for the help, Grim!

So in this clip listen from 0:38 onward; you notice the lower sounding notes don’t seem to have as much depth (obviously) compared to a grand piano. The audio sounds somewhat unauthentic and I know that’s what will normally be produced from a digital piano/keyboard.

This is the sort of sound I’m aiming for (go to 0:41-0:42. In that one second there’s a left handed chord that resembles that depth).

I did speak with the person who played in the second youtube link and he mentioned that he used the Steinway Grand piano plug in which I’m assuming is midi? I haven’t been able to set up midi so I’m hoping there’s another way!!


I would say this is just the sound of your instrument rather than any problem with recording. (Nice playing btw!)
Really…There is probably not a lot you can do to make this sound more like the 2nd clip which seem like a high quality sampled instrument

I’m sure we can help you get up and running with midi if you want to go that way.
There are a few requirements…a reasonably powerful PC, plenty of fast hard drive space for a sampled piano…probably an interface that will give a very low latency. (Though there may be a workaround for this if you don’t have one or the budget for one)
I’m assuming your keyboard does actually have a midi output?

I would recommend using your keyboard as a controller for a VST called Pianoteq instead. It’s not based on samples, which makes it the most “organic”/natural sounding piano emulation I know of.

I was not kidding when I said add reverb, your sound is really dry for a solo piano.
The right amount of reverb can help giving the sound some depth. When you listen to the 2nd video you can hear there is a lot more reverb used.

I agree with pakae, especially a convolution reverb (maybe with REVerence) can make it sound more realistically placed.