Cubase 8 iMac and UAD Apollo?

Preparing to migrate from PC Windows 7/RME Fireface/UAD-1 cards to an iMac/UAD Thunderbolt Apollo Quad8.

I will be able to keep both systems running until I have the iMac ready to go and am SORT of between major projects so I don’t have to move 100 active songs over.

I am searching around but wanted to see if there any major issues I can dodge while I get going.

I recorded on Macs for a long time before moving to my current PC about 8 years ago.
And I have always used Macs as my home computer.


Got it all set up and loaded up a CPU intensive (was on my PC) Project with Video, a few VSTi and plugs.
Loaded up perfectly and ran great.
Just have to get used to the modifier and F Keys being in a different places!

Imac 5k and Apollo Quad are working very well for me. Did you max out the memory?