Cubase 8 Image file Download from MySteinberg failure

Hello everyone.
I need to make a clean install of my PC operative system, due to the upgrade to ad SSD disk over the old HDD one.
Unfortunately on my archive USB external disk, the upgrade file from 7.5 to 8 is corrupt: I have all updates and upgrades files of 7 and 8 version, but without the upgrade file from 7.5 to 8 I cannot proceed with a new installation from scratch.
I tried so many different free download manager to download the 9.1 GB Cubase 8 image from MySteinberg account, but it fails all times. No one software is able to resume an interrupted download (Chrono, Free Download Manager, JDowloader)…The maximun size I reached was of 5.1 GB…no more (obviously the zip file is incomplete and unusable).
I read on the forum that other users have the same problem and the moderator send a special link to download it directly to the user: I ask to the Steinberg support to help me (and also other users with the same issue… :slight_smile: )
I also open a ticket on support, but no answer until now (I now, …it’s Xmas time…)

Thanks for your support.
Happy Xmas to all! :laughing: