Cubase 8 : integrated equalizer doesn't work


The integrated Equalizer doesn’t work at all, this is a really big problem for me !
Here a video where i show my issue.
It’s from 00:25 to 01:00 on the youtube video.


Does it happen if you start Cubase in its Safe-Start Mode? (or with prefs hidden?)

Yes, i started in Safe Mode, deactivated all preferences, the problem is the same.
Another idea ?

Hey … I have the same problem. Did you find a solution yet?
My Cubase 8.05 was working almost perfectly since beginning of january, when I installed the update 8.05, but since yesterday it is acting crazy … like the problem with the EQ for example. I noticed that yesterday suddenly my windows 8.1 turned off the screen for the first time, usually this doesn’t happened while cubase is runnung …

No solution yet…

A similar problem! When you open the saved session settings built-in equalizer ignored until not turned off and knit including every band on the equalizer on each channel! How long can we tolerate such BUGS which are not corrected from version to version! A SHAME! Ispravte immediately! Or return the money !!!