Cubase 8 is here. Just like that!

Render In Place. Thank you Steinberg. Finally.

BEST update ever!

Soo stoked.

Good job SB, just the right focus and no bs.

Render in place + new window handling = immediate upgrade. :slight_smile:

Downloading now. Was going to wait but, meh!

Hoping for a smother ride than V7. Installing now.

The performance increase is real!.. I have actually dropped my latency to 3ms because it is so stable!
render in place works well also!

could be a good one! :smiley:

Is the performance increase also in Windows or only in Mac?

Day 1 upgrade purchase. Wonderfull impovents and enhancements. Well done.

Hello Xtigma,

that is great to hear. All of our test showed very promising, but learning the first positive reports from actual end users is priceless. Please keep us posted!

All the best

The performance increase would be my main reason for updating from v7, it’s good to hear that it works so well as I was thinking about upgrading my PC but maybe I won’t have to now! :slight_smile:

What are the improvements in performance you’re seeing on average?

Besides no retina support for Macs, this is an astonishing update. Worth the wait!

PS. Officially off of Pro Tools thanks to VCA now in Cubase!

well a 50% asio meter for me dropped to roughly 25%… which I thought was great… but everything just feels more stable, when you press play etc, that could just be an placebo effect… but the performance improvement is definitely real!

Anyone trying it on Mac? Are the dockable windows only on PC?

Sounds good! Thanks for replying!

Render in place is scary good. I think the calls for ‘movable frozen parts’ are over! this is the solution :slight_smile:

select 2 tracks… choose render in place few seconds later new audio tracks are in project routed exactly as the instrument / audio tracks were previously!..

the fact that it auto routes properly is brilliant

Did you guys get the option to specify where to instal Cubase 8? I mean, on what drive to install it?

Edit: I wrote another post about this and I got it to work.

Well, I was anticipating another C7 nightmare, but so far so good. Feels very tight and responsive and everything seems to work. To sum up in 3 letters: wow!

Still no multitrack freewarp and triplet grid in audio editor?

Thanks Steinberg great job. I can’t wait :smiley:

Downloaded, installed, seems to be working fine. Just need to set up some preferences.

Great job Steinberg!

Regards :sunglasses: