No Help from anybody at Steinberg…What a Joke!

If this was a New Car for 2015 it would be a Lemon and I would have taken it back to the Dealership
for a refund or fix it…Neither one can happened…

Had it for 1 Month…

How embarrassing is it to put out a product that doesn’t work so Steinberg can take our Money and run!

I’ve always been a dedicated Cubase user now I can’t use my Controller on the new 8 and no one seems to care…

Yes your right! Cubase is junk precisely because you cant get your MIDI controller working.
Perhaps the company should close down?

No one seems to care? awwwww…

Obviously everyone should be listening to you much more…


Obviously you are not automated…or you would be agreeing with me!

Everybody that uses an Automated Controller in Cubase 8 is having the same Problem…
I use my Board everyday for my Business…
I upgraded to Cubase 8 and I can’t use it…I have to use 7.5 in order to provide for my Family …
That’s what I’m doing Using 7.5 so I can still work…

If providing for your family is such an issue why did you purchase it before waiting to see if there were any issues or problems?
Are you new to using or buying software?
There’s always issues when releasing new versions.


So answer my question instead of yelling like a DQ


Humble suggestion: Post more details of the issue, controller model, driver versions, etc.

It’s possible someone with a similar config could confirm the issue or reveal there’s at least one known working config (which would then help you track down the cause).

And more details about what, exactly, the issue is. Or if it’s been discussed, point to the thread.

I think many of us (myself included) have run into show-stoppers with our DAWs only to find out a fix or workaround exists.

In my case, it was to avoid using the new Disable Track feature in Cubase 8.

The point being sometimes it’s darkest before the dawn.

Good luck.

Btw, I’m not having issues with the CMC controllers and two NI F1 controllers with recording automation, etc.

You know mixingmusic it is a common fault on the forum to give little or no information about their system and expect a rational answer. What automated control surface are you using? Have you tried updating the controller drivers? Have you contacted the support service for your controller and explained the problem? I have had this issue with a piece of software I rely upon and it was sorted out - nothing to do with Cubase. I am nor saying that this is your problem, but it could be. Oh and when you say(Shout) “not this many issues”, it might help for you to list the issues you are concerned about.

It is difficult to take seriously such an irrational outpouring of emotion.

Your problems are serious, so treat them and us seriously.

When all else fails in an argument, use ‘woman’ and ‘family’ to gain the upper hand, even when one’s own stupidity and bratiness doesn’t even serve the subjects of ‘upper hand usage’ well!


Listen, we should all be listening more, as he is using BIG LETTERS

It doesn’t really matter if we don’t really know what the issues are because he is not describing them…

Is it plugged in? We may never know…

I love these kind of threads …

I now understand… he is right Cubase is Junk! Why? because he says so.


Jeez, the OP is having a bad day. Been there… Isn’t this forum also a place to vent a smidge? How I love Cubase, but I don’t consider it a personal attack when it is criticized.

In one sense, Cubase 8 is junk - that will most likely get fixed by 8.5. Until then, rant away… But yes, try to be more specific.

Absolute rubbish , im using Automap and i only have the same issue ive always had and thats the resizing of the master meter but apart from that it works perfect so your completely wrong ,it’s not every body having the same issue .

Its got a lot of small bugs that are very annoying, but its a good product overall and worth the upgrade.

I’ve reached out to Steiny Support twice since C8 came out and heard back both times–it took a couple of days, but they responded nonetheless.

I wonder if you even posted ur issue here in the forum BEFORE asking them for help…that’s usually a best practice. Oh wait…u still haven’t even really posted any details here!!

You created a support ticket under mysteinberg account?

I did and as mentioned above was called with in a day or two by a human. In my case it was installation issues but he gave me a suggestion and called back the next day to follow up.

If they aren’t calling you perhaps you could resubmit a ticket cause thats definitely not the norm?

The dependency you render cannot possibly warrant your choice, you need proven equipment.

Learn from this experience, and refrain from rash decisions without substantial research.

A mega-sized bold font does not defend your action, nor does it validate your thread.

Naturally I agree that software with problems need fixing, there’s no question about that.

Ah, that issue. Yup, no way to sugar coat that one.

Not sure how they let it slip through.

Cubase needs a wider swath of beta testers, methinks.

Stability, compatibility and most of all not breaking existing functionality needs to rise to the level of a marketing bullet point, so that all of Steinberg can get behind it.

New features mean little if existing features are broken.

Sometimes features disappear as opposed to being “broken” so that new features can be created.

Seems like with every Cubase version release, someone cry’s “JUNK” :slight_smile:

If someone is running a business with Cubase, I’d think they’d PLAN on keep using the last great working version, until the untested version is PROVEN for them. Something to be learned here I guess :ugeek: