You did pick a doozy and I hope it’s at the top of the list. Not addressing this immediately and calling this version “Pro” is a joke.

I would guess beta testers flushed this out on day 1. If that’s not the case there are some serious beta tester problems.

Ironically this same problem occurred at the release of Cubase 7. It didn’t take them very long to fix it then.

Isn’t general testing performed now by the public?

I would be pissed too if I bought the upgrade. I was very close to buying it and jumping from 6.5-8. Thank god I didn’t because I would be flaming Steinberg too. IMO, there is no excuse to have this feature broken out of the gate as it was in v7. There are very many people that are affected. All this is my opinion though and I am one person that would be greatly affected. My sentiment would mirror mixing music’s if I were to have bought the upgrade.

Hi there, it makes me wonder what is so broken that a work-a-round isn’t possible.
By the way with every update there are persons who upgrade and then shout I cannot do my projects, the advise Always been given is:

A] rollback and use your previous software
B] Install it side by side
C] test the sh*t out of it before using it commercially

Those who scream: “I need the latest x.0.0 version to be 100% tested and working to run my business bla bla, losing money bla bla” … Do NOT run a serious business.
I tend to NOT take these kind of screams and cries seriously (if you are losing work/money on a x.0.0 version, you can bame yourself).

IMO, you can’t expect a x.0.0 version of any software to be ready to throw at clients/client projects.
Lesser even rely on it to feed your family. That’s just stupid :unamused:

If you are running a studio as a business, you need at least a couple of test computers. All DAW only computers.
Then get yourself a dedicated office computer, and a dedicated entertainment computer/laptop/iPad (internet, games etc).
It may sound expensive, but it really isn’t. In the grand scheme of running a studio as a full time business, it is the next best insurance you can do.

But NOT yet ready as your main DAW in a commercial studio business :wink:

Absolutely agree. 0 versions are a recipe for hardships, business and/or hobby. I also think it is OK to vent frustration. If we didn’t, we would all explode like Mr Creosote!

Most people calm down after a bit, I’m sure mixingmusic will too! :mrgreen:

Now, for that update, Steinberg. :smiley:

Now I want a mint chocolate to top it off :laughing:

My local music store salesperson told me that they will get Cubase Pro 8 in stores in the Spring. By then Steinberg will have released many updates. Maybe that’s why it’s only available online for now. To give them time to fix the issues…

I learned my lesson with C 7. I still remember the issues and will wait for 8.5… Patience :wink:

It seems to be different for everyone.

The most stable version of Cubase for me was 7.04.

Oddly, the next most stable version for me has been 8.0.0.

The only points it gets docked for is that I can’t use the Disable Track feature.

Whether it proves to be project corruption, a 3rd party plugin, a confirmed bug or a bug silently fixed (or otherwise mysteriously disappearing), has yet to be seen.

But as long as I avoid that feature, I’ve only had 2 random crashes, thus far. Well, that’s not true. I’ve had about 2 more crashes that happened right at project load completion. About 4 crashes total. That’s still pretty low for me, for a 5GB+ project.

For me, Cubase 6.5 was a crash factory.

And Studio One with the same project recreated, crashed so much I had to abandon it (it was not plugin related either, but project size related).

It’s inexcusable, that with every so called new & improved release Steinberg always takes a step backwards in stability, introducing new bugs, when it should be just the opposite before releasing it. If they need real world beta testers, instead of charging full price, they should give deep discounts on new versions as a ‘pre-release’ as those buyers test their products for them.

Loyal users keep saying that the prior release is ‘ALMOST THERE’ , but never is completely, and then they keep upgrading in the hopes that the NEXT release will be better than the last. To me, it just shows Steinbergs shady business practices, but it’s apparently working for them.

It’s not that I’ll never upgrade, but when I do, it’s always be a few steps behind after the version is deemed obsolete, but will be as stable as it will ever be. I will never buy the latest version as soon as it’s released.

Do you not think that other Daws with the complexity of C8 don’t have any issues or bugs? & and * have been far more stable for me than 6. The demand for new features and the necessity of keeping up with changes in operating systems and hardware systems is difficult enough without the variability of users systems. Especially given that many of the “bugs” are problems originating in users systems. Which of course does not mean that there aren’t bugs, but perhaps not as many as common perception might have it.
You have to ask yourself why some users do not have problems and others do. Mmmmmm - :laughing: not so easy to answer.

I do question your statement about “Steinberg’s shady business practices”. I am sure you have proof? It seems to escape the attention of some people that, shock, horror, Steinberg are in this business to make money. You might not agree with their business model, but it is their decision to make how they develop their their software. I personally think that they do their best by their customers. I don’t agree with their priorities some of the time, but I am not party to the rationale behind their decisions.

I think that the best you can say about any software is that it is almost there. As soon as you have got things how you want the technological goalposts have been moved.

For goodness sake it could be worse, you could be using Garage Band or Protools. :laughing: :unamused:


I think it’s a gray area. But I also think Steinberg crossed and continues to cross the boundary with certain issues.

For example with C-8 the program is being called “Pro.” To me, based on the new features introduced in C8 they want to focus a bit more on core functions and workflow. Excuse my arrogancy, but core functions and workflow are issues that “pro” users have been begging for years as opposed to stuff 3rd parties can do…and often do better than Steinberg. With VCA’s I’m thinking they want to let disenchanted subscription PT users know what Cubase has to offer.

But don’t tell me Steinberg didn’t know about the fact that C8 would not work properly with any mixer controller using MCU. They had this exact problem when introducing C7 too. They had to know about it before releasing C8. I’m sure they also have done their research and know the percentage of MCU users…the “pro” users and decided to rush it out the door before Christmas. So yes, I think this is a shady business practice because it effects a large group of pro users. It’s a step back because you have to use C7.5 until they fix MCU in C8…just like they did in C7.

I would also guess beta testers found some issues with the new bar at the top. You aren’t going to convert every day users, especially PT users, with these issues.

While Steinberg would never admit it, they have demonstrated through their releases for many years, users should only buy a .5 version while they let the unpaid beta testers do the .0 work.

Q: Does a previous supported version work?

A: Yes

Q: Should end users be surprised if a newly released program is not feature complete?

A: No

You make a good case for it being a grey area. However Steinberg are probably not always masters of their own fate. Their owners also have an agenda too. The money has to keep coming in to keep an organisation working.

I am not a studio owner and use Cubase as a writer. I do understand that using the word Pro is a bit provocative under the circumstances. I don’t use MCU so I am not qualified to argue the point. I certainly don’t think you are being arrogant. However from my perspective I have only encountered a few issues that cause me problems. The intermittent click, a hang if I close Cubase without closing the Audio Mixdown window and the vst internal dropdown issue.
I am sure I will discover a few more in the fullness of time. 7 & 8 have been so much better for me than the endless crashes and BSOD that I had with 6 & 6.5 that I don’t have the rose tinted spectacles that some have for earlier versions.
I suppose I am saying that Steinberg probably have their own pressure points that dictate the course they have taken.

I have never had a single crash in Cubase 6.5. Neither in Studio One v2.

Just for info. As someone said earlier in this thread: It seems to be different for every one.

PS. For the record, I have not had a crash in Cubase 8 either.

I don’t get the PRO part either, when it is the PRO features that seems to suffer.
And of corse marketing is marketing:
New Improved Window Handling - well, not quit sure about that. Not pro at all IMO
VCA Faders - Not working as any VCA system before it (linked to groups + bugs). Not pro at all IMO
Render In Place - Otputs only to stereo, no matter the source. Not pro at all IMO

Well, I will do as I always do. Wait for at least the x.1.0, if not the x.5.0 version before putting it into production on my main DAW.
C8 is of corse heavily at test here (on both Win7 and Win8.1), before throwing it at our clients. Makes perfect business sense IMO.

Well, I will do as I always do. Wait for at least the x.1.0, if not the x.5.0 version before putting it into production on my main DAW.
C8 is of corse heavily at test here (on both Win7 and Win8.1), before throwing it at our clients. Makes perfect business sense IMO.

Agree completely. Waving livelihood, wife and child at it doesn’t make it get better any quicker. And a little respect for others turns a cul de sac into a two way street.

This is not about a “feature complete” program. If you know of a “feature complete” version please let me know that version. :laughing:

This is about MCU protocol that was broken at the introduction of C7 and later fixed. This is about MCU protocol that is once again mysteriously broken in C8 and hopefully will be fixed soon. This is about Steinberg releasing C8 with full knowledge MCU doesn’t work. As others have said many times over…wait until .5.

MCU is pretty common and important for every day users who choose to avoid mousing around don’t you think?

I would expect this basic feature to be working in a .0 release. Obviously I need to lower my expectations and go back to the mouse or go back to 7.5.

Of course they are under Yamahas eye. But at some point you have to think releasing basic things i.e MCU that don’t work with a .0 version will do more overall harm than good? Especially when the focus on C8 seems to be a bit more oriented toward pro users?

Good points made. I do think the software designers are doing a fantastic job. DAW software is simply amazing to me. I understand they need to roll on with changes in OS etc…

The problem I have is woth the Steinberg business model agenda. Of course they need to keep the money ball rolling, but Steinberg has a habit of putting out more & more stuff, and leaving the people who are using the versions before in the dust…that is, never really ‘getting there’ with the last version, before trying to sell you their new version. This is a pattern that doesn’t settle with me. As a business owner I would not do such things…what I set out to do, I do it, and if it’s not just as I say, I make it ‘right’. That “right” (for Steinberg) means to go back, or ‘stay back’ and make the things they had promised come to full fruition. Not just tell people they need to buy a new Cubase version, but make the version they already have, work on the OS that they already have. NOT to, is shady business practice.

I’m a hobbyist songwriter/musician these days, Cubase is not how I make my living. I don’t push my DAW software to the limits, or use many advanced features either, therefore I really don’t have problems myself relating to Cubase etc. But I’ve followed many users over several years now, and I’m onto Steinbergs business ‘pattern’ as I’ve stated above.

So you’ve moved into the role of advocacy?