Cubase 8 is not exporting correctly...

I recorded a band rehearsal last night 48khz / 24 bit

I exported an stereo mixdown of my tracks to an MP3 44.1khz, 16 bit file, but the MP3 file is playing at a faster/higher pitch. What am I doing wrong? What’s happening? Is there a quick fix that I can do to the exported MP3? I am thinking it’s a RATE conversion issue. Maybe the frequency from 48 to 44.1khz not switching right. or 24bit is not converting correctly down to 16bit…something. Any and all help appreciated in advance!

Thanks, :question:

Does it play correctly on other systems? If so, then I’d say your audio device is still set to 48kHz (not to do with the 16 or 24 bit depth BTW).

Otherwise you may have got your audio device set wrongly when recording the project. Check they’re both the same… Tricky to get back from this because the files will be stamped with the wrong sample rate, you’d have to use a separate file converter to force conversion (e.g. Audacity or Wavelab).


Aaaah, I will have to check my interface which is the Behringer X32 digital mixer. The X32 could be set to 44.1khz from my last recording project and my Cubase 8 software is set to 48khz when I recorded last night (but I bet the audio files are still 44.1khz regardless of what Cubase is set to… Interesting…during the export- even though it sounds right in cubase, the audio gets exported and converted to Cubase’s 48khz… Okay, makes sense… THANKS!

I was able to do a quick fix on the MP3 with Audacity - I changed the frequency to 41khz and it corrected the tempo and pitch - may not be perfect but sounds close enough (it is a quick fix for now…) Will have to check my X32 when I get home. Thanks again, Mike!