Cubase 8 latency Problem

I’ve just updated to Cubase 8 from C.7. I have unfortunately major latency happening in Cubase 8 that I do not have in C7 even though the settings are all the same. Buffer size 256, latency 6.689, Motu 828 Mk3Hybid (using firewire). After a lot of messing around I still can’t find a solution.

Also, when I test saved a song in C8 it opened up in C7.

I’d appreciate help on that, in the mean time I’ll continue with Cubase 7.


Direct monitoring turned on?

You probably need to change the file association of .cpr in the OS for C8 exe

C8, in some systems (we haven’t nailed down quite what it is yet) is unstable. Depending, I think, on how one uses it, one gets differing results.

You’re not alone: for me, I get a kind of VST buildup: latency increases and performance decreases over time, resulting in dropouts and latency increases. Also crashes.

I fear C8 needed another hour in the oven.

Some third-party plugins wreak havoc on C8. Try some rest projects without plugins, then add one and repeat, to find any issues. You can then remove the offender.

I’m only keeping C8 right now as a neat ($CDN 120) toy. It’s far too unstable to use on important projects.

(Yeah, you need to tell your OS to open CPR files with c8)

Actually there is a much more efficient way of testing for rouge plug-ins:

  1. Load half of your plug-ins and see if you can replicate the problem. If you can’t, unload these and load the second half and redo the testing. If the problem occurs, you have eliminated half your suspects in one go.

  2. If the problem does not appears, it most likely a combination of plug-ins. So, divide the halves further, so that you have four quarters. Let’s call them Qa1 (Quarter if Half A 1), Qa2, Qb1 and Qb2. Now test Qa1 against Qb1. If the problem doesn’t appear test Qa1 against Qb2. Still no problem? Test Qa1 against Qb1 and Qb2. If the problem appears, test Qb1 against Qb2. If the problem remains you know that there is clash between one plug-in in Qb1 and one in Qb2. If the problem goes away, it’s most likely caused by a clash of three plug-ins.

  3. Keep methodically dividing and testing, until you’ve homed in on the plug-in(s) that cause the problem.

This may sound complicated, but it’s actually much faster than testing them one by one. Think about it! Let’s say you have 50 plug-ins. If it’s a single plug-in causing the problem, you have eliminated half of them by dividing them leaving you with only 25 suspects. Dividing them leaves you with 12 (or 13), a.s.o.

If you’re testing them one by one and it’s not a single plug-in, but a combination, that causes the problem, you need to first go though all fifty one by one. Then you need to test #1 with #2, #3, etc. Then #2 with #1, #3, etc. If you still can’t find the culprit, you need to test #1 with #2 and #3, #4, etc. This will take forever. See you when Cubase 85 (and I don’t mean v8.5) is released. :wink:

Many thanks for the response to my question!

Interestingly the Direct Monitoring box in my C.8 is greyed out, theoretically meaning the Motu 828 Mk3 doesn’t deal with it. I’ve never had to think about that before as I’ve been using a Tascam FW1884 for years with no problems. I haven’t actually checked if it’s on or off in C7.

I’m glad I didn’t change the file association of .cpr as it wouldn’t have occurred to me that Cubase 7 was still working perfectly. The motto probably being ‘Don’t change a winning team’.

I’ve been using Cubase in it’s various forms for about 15 years, done lot’s of big projects and can totally rely on it without thinking too much of the mechanics, but I must say after reading about so many gripes with Cubase 8 I tend to agree that It’s far too unstable or unpredictable to use on important projects yet. (I can’t anyway till this latency thing’s sorted) Although to be fair I haven’t spent too much time on this forum till now so haven’t read all the gripes about previous versions!

if I play on my keys then all the midi parts are not in time but in C7 there is no problem ?