Cubase 8 LE Stuttering...

Hey! What’s up? So I’ve been trying to add some effects to my tracks on Cubase, I try to use T-Racks and some other cool stuff on some recorded tracks, but, Unfortunately I can Add only one effect and it will sound good, if I add 1 more to any other track it will start to stutter, why? Is it my laptop? Am I doing something wrong? Is anyone else having the same issue? How can I fix it? I hope you can help me out, Anyway, thanks for Reading. (:


T-Racks is very CPU consuming plug-in. To fix the issue, you described, open Devices > Device Setup and click to the ASIO driver name (under the VST Audio System) on the left side. Then click to Control Panel, and increase Buffer Size or Latency.

Thank you! I changed some stuff, and now I don’t have that problem. (: