Cubase 8 LE won't open anymore on Windows 10 64bit

About a month ago I bought this new Asus laptop with Win10 installed on it.
I Installed my Cubase 8 LE and everything worked fine… 'till yesterday: now when I click on Cubase’s icon nothing happens, the usual window where it loads all the plugins won’t show up anymore.
Has anyone ever encountered this issue? If so, can you help me someway?

My Specs: Asus K501U, Intel Core I7 - 6500U, 12GB RAM, NVIDIA 950M GTX

Hi and welcome,

Could you tr to trash the preferences of Cubase, please?

Got the same problem?

Anyone else heard/tried this?

I’ve tried Re-Install, Repair, nothing works? When i click on the Cubase “exe” file it loads for 2 sec and then nothing happens. Didn’t install new software or plug-ins. just happened “over night”?

Need help please.