Cubase 8 - Lowering latency for Midi


I recently got some help setting up midi to connect my keyboard to my laptop but I’m also having some issues with the delay - every time I hit a note on the keyboard, there is a slight delay for cubase to generate the sound. DOes anyone know how to bypass the delay? When recording audio using my Yamaha driver, my latency input and output can be lowered to 5ms and 6ms respectively, but when recording midi it seems either I can’t lower the latency, or I already have (as seen in the picture attached) but it still isn’t good enough to eliminate the delay.

I’ve attached a picture of what my control panel for the General Low Latency ASIO Driver looks like even with the ms at its lowest.


Try ASIO4ALL driver, its a free download

Hi again :slight_smile:

The Generic driver shown in your picture is pretty hopeless. This isn’t the Yamaha ASIO driver.

Go to Cubase Devices/Device setup/VST Audio System.
In the drop down menu at top, you should select “Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO” as your driver.
If you don’t see this in the list then you need to download and install it.

Once you select it (with your AG03 turned on) you should see it appear under VST Audio System on the left. Select this and open control panel. Try setting buffers to 64 and try again.

ASIO4all is not necessary in your case as you have the Yamaha for an interface you should use their own driver.

I agree with the above, getting the correct driver installed is essential. Once that’s done, you can further improve things by switching on the Constrain Delay button when recording MIDI notes. This is the little square clock which lights up orange in the top left hand corner of the arrange screen. I believe it bypasses some of the effects processing to reduce latency, so turn it off at all other times. Manual page 48.

The ASIO Latency Compensation clocks that can be made visible on the individual Inst and MIDI channels do a similar job.

By the pic he posted he was using his RealTech internal card which is why I suggested ASIO4ALL.

IF he has a Yamaha interface he needs to use that of course