Cubase 8 Macro mapping like ableton?

I’m trying to get a bass sound using FM8 that is a type of “growl.” However, all of the tutorials are with ableton live, which uses macro mapping to control the different frequency controls. Is there a way to do this in cubase? or is massive the only option? I don’t really want to use Massive, but if that’s the only way it’s better than nothing.


You could use the Quick controls if 8 parameters is enough for what you want to do.
It works with FM8.

Engage the Quick control Learn mode, select one of the eight quick control slots and then move a parameter in FM8.

Quick controls are no where near as powerful as ableton macros. This has been a feature request for a while. Now this being said you don’t need to use those macro’s to make growls. Simple FM synthesis can accomplish this as well or check out something like XFER Serum.

the macro/quick controls in Cubase is a JOKE, seriously. I don’t understand why Steinberg isn’t doing anything about this since I’ve seen SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many posts about this. Steinberg please make this work like the Ableton macro’s! it’s been in other DAW’s for so long, I really miss this in Cubase, and since it’s requested so much, I don’t understand why Steinberg refuses to listen to their customers on this matter. This has been requested for YEARS. I see posts all the way back to 2011 about this matter, yet Steinberg totally ignores the request.

The macro/quick controls in Cubase really sucks, it’s a joke really… I find nothing useful about it at all to be honesty. I rather automate than using them. It’s even faster, lol. Completely worthless feature in Cubase. Literally.

I couldn’t agree more… when I switched from Ableton to Cubase, I tried to map my A&H Xone:4D… yeah right, I could only really map 8 of the knobs. It’s mind boggling… Ableton takes the cake when it comes to that creative control like mapping and macros. I started Cubase on version 8.5 pro, and I’m now using 9, and it’s the same story.

I’ve used Cubase for about 4 years now but this one feature is starting to kill me. I’m about to switch to Ableton just to have this feature.