Cubase 8 Major Problems

Hey guys,

I’m getting really really tired of Cubase now, i constant get crashes. It’s not even usable to work with in this way. The support doesn’t help me at all, i don’t get what’s going on with this.
Everytime i quit cubase, it crashes. When i select the trackchannel of my Virus TI, the whole program crashes. I can’t continue any of my work. Sometimes it just randomly crashes. I’m on a Late 2013 Mac with OSX Yosemite, using Cubase Pro 8. Happens on 32bit and 64bit. Also sometimes my Midi Keyboard just doesnt work at all, but it is active. I’ve to turn it on and off to make it work. In the 32 bit version, a lot of VST2 plugins are really laggy, some don’t even respond.

Anyone that could help me out here?
I’ve made 2 other topics, but didn’t got any replies. and now the crashes are even worse. The support isn’t helpfull at all. No idea what to do else :cry: