Cubase 8 master meter and Motu Traveler mk3 meter

I have Cubase 8.0.35 and a Motu Traveler mk3.

For some time now, i notice that my digital master meter says some values higher than my Motu Traveler mk3 output meter. I used to have them equal.

Even if i am mastering, and audio starts squashing at 0dB in Cubase, my Motu Traveler mk3 says that i am in for example -3dB peaking.

I tried to do reset to my Motu and i installed the Cubase update recently. Nothing is functioning to solve this.
Does anyone know if is Motu Traveler mk3 problem?

Hi again.

I think this problem was introduced because i was using control room, i switched back to normal outputs and turned off control room and it seems my values in Cubase and Motu Traveler mk3 are now equal.

Is this an error or something Steinberg added and im not seeing the option to configure this?