Cubase 8 mediabay & Sample cd's

Hi everyone,

I started to play around with mediabay last night and tried to set my directory for my sample cd’s. This sample directory contains a ton of loops. I have a map called “Samples” and have set this as directory, but somehow it’s completely messed up and shows my all the sound files contained in these folder immediately. All the kickdrums, loops and effects are mixed up.

Can I set mediabay so that I can click through the folders to show what I want?

For example;

I set “Sample CD” as the main directory and when clicking on it will only show me the folder structure inside this folder i.e " Samples -> Sample CD 1 -> Wav -> Kickdrums and then show me only the kickdrum wav files?

I’m new this but I tried to google etc, but couldn’t really find anything about it.


Youtube is your friend if you want see how to set up media bay quickly and efficiently. If you decide to add the roof folder in media bay it will show up all the individual files in that folder, so delete that one (not from your drive but in media bay) and then select the individual folders in the left hand column.