Cubase 8 - Memory leakage

Very often I’m not able to close Cubase for some reason. Even when software closed, it still shows in the Task Manager that Cubase8 is still running. Is it only me, or there is a problem? Please clarify. :confused:

I usually have this when Cubase has chrashed. Even if i force it to quit with the taskmanager it still remains as a process in the Taskmanager. Cubase unlike any other software i used so far is very persistent in this manner. It takes several trial to actually get the Cubase window closed but it remains as a thread until i reboot the Computer. Thats very annoying.

It’s a pretty common complaint for many years and versions…possibly related to a specific plug or attached midi/usb hardware.

Some suggestions if you want to try and track the cause:

Does it happen if you disconnect all midi devices?
Does it happen if you rename your vsplugins folder/s so no 3rd party plugs are scanned?
Does it happen if you open Cubase but no project?
Does it happen if you start a new project but close while it’s still empty?

are you using File>Exit from the top menu bar to close cubase? the X only closes the workspace now since it is dockable

Using both options, result is the same unfortunately. It’s very annoying.
I hate, when companies like Microsoft, Steinberg and others using us as a testers for free.