Cubase 8 Midi Input not working (Keystation Mini 32 / Win 10

Hey guys I’m getting really frustrated here after hours of trying.
I’ve just gotten the Keystation Mini 32 and want to set it up in Cubase.

Before we go through troubleshooting:

  • I’m running Windows 10, 64 bit
  • I have downloaded + installed MIDI-OX and succesfully hear sound coming from the keyboard.
  • In the Device Setup in Cubase, Windows Midi In Keystation Mini 32 is visible, active and in ‘All Midi’

In the Transport Window, I don’t see any Midi Activity when pressing keys.

I’m desperate for some help on how to set this up.
Please, can anyone here help me?


Hey guys,

Installing ASIO4ALL driver solved this issue, but I have no idea why a P&P device would need such a driver.
If anyone has some insights into this, please enlighten me.
It cost me about 6 hours to just find out installing such a little driver solved it entirely…