cubase 8 midi keyboard

I bought a new m-audio oxygen 25 to run on my cubase 8 only to discover there is no driver or middi map for cubase 8! Reading other posts, it seems like m-audio may not produce one any time soon. Can anyone suggest a midi keyboard with some transport controls that is under or close to $200.00 and has the software to run with cubase 8 pro?


Take a Look on m-Audio Website.

You are in the German Forum…

But you can use any MIDI-Controllers for Cubase, you just have to set them up as “Generic-Remote”.

Go to Cubase/Devices/Device Setup. > press “+” > add a “generic remote” > and config how you want.
(for Example: Transport Control Buttons, Fader for Volumen of selcted channel, and ChannelQuickcontrols of the selcted channel [you can assign Channel Quickcontrols under “Generic Remote” AND Devices/Device Setup/Channel Quickcontrols] for the 8 Knobs…)

Here is a Picture with close to all Generic-Remote Parameters available, but if you have Problems to find the desired Functoin, ask in the english forum because in German the Parameters have different names of course…

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