Cubase 8 Minisampler GA4SE

Seems like Steinberg silently put new fetures in GASE.

There is an option to play samples chromatically over the keyboard.
I wasn´t be arware of that … so far :wink: .

You can drag and drop every sample (project window or media bay) on a pad of GA4SE then go to the pitch tab.
Select key range and set the lower and high keys to your liking.

Then you can go to the amp tab and do a double klick to add a new point to the amp curve.

You can now play your sample chromatically over the keyboard.

There is another option in the sample tab which activates audio warp to get the sample in time.
This is very good if you want to play voice samples for example as a chord because it has the formant fuctionality.

Happy playing!

didn’t know you could drop multi-samples in there…

I though the key range thing was for a single sample…

i’ll give this a whirl later… i’ve been using this for a while but only with a single sample…