(Cubase 8) Missing ports, No sound from headphone and speaker

I’m sorry if the sentence is weird because I’m using a translator.

As the title suggests, when using Cubase 8, there is no sound from the headphones.

When there was a problem for the first time, the only thing that didn’t make sound was headphones, and the speakers built into the computer made good sound. I asked an acquaintance and he said it seemed to be a problem with the driver or audio interface.
Since I don’t use the audio interface, I downloaded and applied ASIO4ALL, and the problem seemed to be solved.
However, after a while, serious noise began to mix with the sound this time. It was the same when I played it on speakerphone.
And that noise problem was that when a specific instrument plug-in was called, the noise disappeared (why???) , so I just used it like that.

I was using it somehow, but it suddenly started to stop making noise AGAIN a few days ago. This time, neither the headphones nor the speakers make any sound. The volume bar moves like the sound is playing, but I can’t hear it.
The settings were not changed by my hand, at least as far as I can remember. I tried to install a new driver, but it didn’t work. Of course, the headphones and speakers are not broken. Also, other programs on the computer make sound well.

At first, I couldn’t find anything when I looked at the status or settings, but after a few re-runs, a warning message called “Missing port” began to appear. And the state of the VST Audio System had changed. I swear I didn’t touch anything. I’m going to post some pictures.

I know roughly that “inactivate” and “unamaged” need to be addressed, but I don’t know what to do. I’m an idiot. I miss my mom. Please let me know how to solve this problem.

What do you see in the VST Connections window?