Cubase 8 mixer help

I recently upgraded from cubase 5 so forgive me if this is nooby.

In cubase 5, when you opened the mixer and extended it, you were presented with all the blank insert slots as shown in the attached screenshot. Having all of these blank slots ready and waiting for plugins was helpful for me as a huge part of my workflow included first loading in either limiters or clippers at the end of my chain to bring up the level of the signal and THEN traveling to the other insert slots for regular processing. Which, by the way, I also rarely jumped to insert slot 1 to begin. For example, if I wanted to start with compression, but knew I would also have an EQ before the compressor, I would load the compressor to insert 2 or 3 and then simply put the EQ on 1 or 2 after I was done. Is there a way to set up the C8.5 mixer to accommodate this workflow? Where it displays all 8 insert slots from the get go without first needing to load in 8 plugs one at a time?

Also want to get rid of the eq rack and send rack if possible because I dont use those features whatsoever.

And finally. Where on earth is the channel input/trim adjustment on this thing???

Hi and welcome,

Yes, this option is in Cubase 8.5. Click to the asteroid (*) ne to to the Racks, in the MixConsole. Select Fixed Number of Slots Now, you will see all slots for every single Rack type.

Btw, to exchange the order of two plug-ins, you can simply drag-and-drop one over the other. This will swap them. :wink: