Cubase 8 --> NEK questions.


So Cubase 8 is out and new musical features are out there. For Neundo+NEK users we supposed to have all the musical features of Cubase.
What is the procedure? waiting for new Neundo? New NEK?
Are all the new MUSICAL features inside?

another thing I dont still dont get. Do the NEK must be upgraded from one Nuendo ver to another? If I have the NEK it says Im connected in chains to the future NEK upgrades?


The procedure is waiting for new Nuendo and the new Nek, as usual.

Up to now, you have to buy the update + the extra for the new Nek features.

I still hope they’ll break this Nek, but I doubt it.

Thanx mate,

for the NEK - I asked about the idea of new nuendo update but with old NEK - is it possible?

You’re welcome.
No, they can’t split old/new feature set to accomodate the upgrade situations I reckon.
As far as I’ve experienced it, you have to buy the proper upgrade to stay in the loop. If you don’t buy Nuendo 7 + Nek, you’ll end up with a bare Nuendo 7 license and a NU6x + NU6x Nek license.

and so the leap frog is jumping … or frogging… again!

When can we expect N7 ? How about… February? :mrgreen:

Damn it.