Cubase 8 not Macbook Pro Retina Ready

So, when will it happen that cubase is retina ready? the fonts and all the gfx is not retina ready, which means that it looks like 10 years old.

christman feature wish list:

  • retina adaption for the brand new cubase (hey steini, there are a lot of apple users with retina macbook pros, so please react!
  • soft e-licenser dongle option - that would also be great
  • a working cubase (got many crashes with the 8.0 version)

I always wonder, coming from Windows, what does it mean that Cubase would be retina ready? Does it mean scalability of fonts? Scalable Vector graphics? Or touch screen options?

Yeah, scalability. The app needs to have a mode where its fonts and other Fine details are a bit larger than normal. Otherwise everything just gets scaled down and many fine details become illegible.

It would be the same on an ultra-high definition monitor on a PC.

its like having a Playstation 7 with a full hd ultra high def 2.0 tv and with that equipment playing a 8bit c64 emulation :ugeek: … so steini has to get active on the apple consumer needs, cause nearly ALL apple products have retina displays since more than 2 years.
:exclamation: :question: