Cubase 8 not recalling VST plugin settings

Hi, have just upgraded from Cubase 7.5 to 8. Non steinberg plugins don’t seem to either recall setting or activate. In Cubase 8 I re tweaked settings and re saved again / close / reopen etc. still same problem.

System s running Windows 8.1 with 64bit installation.

64bit plugins - My Waves API2500 is reverting back to full reset. Slate VMR has the settings remembered but is not activating (is the best way to describe). If I hit the A/B button within the plugin the plugin turns on, in the cubase mix console it say the plugin is on the the whole time. 32bit plugins - Same issue as Waves reverting back to full reset default setting.

None of these issues occurred with 7.0 & 7.5 Artist or 7.5 Pro, with exception to Variety of Sound plugins. Hopefully there is a fix or something I have missed? If not perhaps the only solution is to go back to 7.5.

Update to confirm.

Issue persist with 32bit plugins especially VOS resulting in system crash / freeze - frequent. This probably confirms previous issue with 32bit bridging are still present in cubase 8 - 64bit.

64bit Waves API2500 is remembering setting but not in the top drop down menu. That may be my error. It might be normal just haven’t noticed before.

64bit Slate VMR after another system reboot the memory problem has seem to gone away however now on loading a new instance in a new project it is causing a system crash / freeze now in Cubase 8. Even after using the task manager to end the cubase 8 program I still have a VMR unit stuck on my screen. Only way to remove it is restart. Suggests it may be VMR issue perhaps.

You must only use vst2 Slate plugins. The vst3 are causing all sorts of problems, they are working on it.

I very much doubt Steinberg are working on improving the bridge at all.
Although I’m not sure, I even think Jbridge is not as stable in C8 as it was before :frowning:

Answer for 64bit Slate VMR = By default Cubase Pro 8.0 has loaded VST2.4 (32) version into the plugin menu. I have re installed VMR with a new version then swapped and loaded the VST3.6 version in and seems to be now working.

All my plugin problems are appearing to be related to the more and more frequently occurring 32 and 64bit bridging problems. Boutique old 32bit plugins who would have thought :laughing: Cant see some of the older plugins like VOS going to 64bit :cry: because of how they are developed only if someone can build a bridge that works so we can all get over it :wink: