Cubase 8 on Laptop with Intel Core M-5Y71


has someone tested if Cubase Pro 8 is running acceptable on Intel Core M processors? Lot’s of new laptops use these CPUs. Less power consumption means less fan noise. So Core M migth be nice.

Lenovo Yoga 3 might be a nice one.

[MOD EDIT: He’s replying to a spam post that has been deleted.]

Why are you crying? Lot’s of these CPUs don’t need a fan and are absolutely silent. The question is, how performant are they under permanent load?

In the meantime I did a test with my 2 year old Atom tablet (Z2760 2x1,8GHz) and I was able to play back about 30 Audiotracks and a hand full of plug-ins. Reverb, chorus, delay, dynamics. I think 4x the power of a Z2760 might be useful for little projects. But using VST instruments was not so successful. I could play a few notes, but cords and long release times resulted in drop outs. The latency was about 10ms.

The Yoga 3 Pro might be not so nice anymore, because it has a fan. But maybe the upcoming Surface 4 Pro might be a good solution? We will see.