Cubase 8 on win XP x64

going back to win xp x64, because of xp’s support of direct music drivers which are perfect in timing to my ears.

will Cubase 8 x64 work on XP x64?

( I hope Yes )

sorry :wink:

not at all ??? :frowning:(((((((((((((((((((

oh man… hmmm… what about Cubase 7 ???

6.5 was the highest that I managed to get working on XP. I then changed a bit reluctantly over to Win7 on both studio machines. Performance is improved, but because my XP was really running so sweetly, not breath-takingly different. I have to say that having 16 Gbytes ram really helps with the big VSTis though and Cubase Pro 8.0.5 is very stable on the systems so far.


Parrotspain - RE your core-parking issue (mentioned in your signature) - Microsoft issued a couple of hotfixs for that yonks ago. I have the same CPU as you on my windows 7 system and the parking issue is no more.


Hi PeppaPig, thanks for that. I did apply those fixes - a couple of times actually. each time after I rebooted 4 cores were parked again! So I have stayed with the Core Parking Manager, which seems to have cured it. Oddly all cores worked fine for Vegas rendering, it’s only Cubase that didn’t utilise them all.

Apologies to OP for hijacking post.

Strange - worked for me - and yes apologies from me too about the thread hijack!

why in the world drop XP support ?!???

since vista, midi out timing on windows is way too jittery. on XP it’s dead tight on time.


Windows 10 has optimized midi, or should I say will have when it’s out.
XP is dead, long live XP

where can I find the source of info about win 10’s improved midi ? if that’s true my depression will be gone forever

A quick quote from gearslutz / music computers / the windows 10 thread

When you say “worked on audio bugs and tightened up MIDI timing”, what exactly do you mean? I’m not sure how that kind of stuff relates to Windows itself.?

I can’t go into any specifics until we release Windows 10, but we found some inefficiencies in how we sent some MIDI messages out through the driver. There’s a lot more around that, but I’ll summarize that way. It was code we hadn’t looked at in quite a while.

We also learned a fair bit about how people are using the new preview MIDI API Jason and I announced at Build in April. The one we’re building into Windows 10 is based on that, but more integrated both with universal apps and the desktop.

Example use (for developers):
Interfacing the Novation Launchpad S with a Windows Store app - Pete Brown’s