Cubase 8 plays no harmony?

Hi there,

My MIDI track doesn’t seem to send harmony notes to my external synthesizer.
Single notes works perfectly but not for sending 2 different notes at the same time.
I can only hear 1 note.

Is there a default setting which doesn’t allow Cubase 8 to send (quantised) harmony notes?

I know it must work since i created the projects on Cubase 3 which didn’t had that problem.
I can not recall i ever had to apply settings in Cubase 3 to play harmony notes either.

Can you help me? :confused:

I am guessing that the problem is with the external synth. Maybe the current preset (or maybe even the synth itself?) is monophonic (or polyphony set to “one voice”)

Thanks for the info,

I’ve tried changing the settings of my synthesizer but none of it works.
There are not many options on my synth for polyphony either.

Is there any chance a midi track in Cubase 8 has a default setting not to send polyphonic messages?

(It’s a pity why something so easy turns out to be so difficult)

No, it will transmit exactly what is in the MIDi Part (unless you have deliberately inserted e.g. the Transformer FX to filter something out).
Have you tried sending that same MIDI track to one of Cubase’s own internal VST Instruments (such as HALion Sonic SE)?

Problem solved!

I have 2 synthesizers of the same type and the second has the same global/midi settings but has no polyphonic issues when i used the same track in Cubase. I wish i had done this like 8 hours ago :laughing:
Never gave it a thought to try the second one since it has the same settings.

If it’s not Cubase nor my external device then it must be in between.
I have 2 different midi interfaces so i guess my midi interface must be the cause of the problem.
So, that interface is the first thing i will burn tomorrow when i wake up.

Thanks for your help!

Well, at least have a coffee first! :slight_smile:
Seriously though, even if it is that MIDI interface, it is probably some internal software/firmware problem… try to fix it before lighting that match! :stuck_out_tongue: