Cubase 8 Previewer and Media Bay issue

Hi all,

I am having a problem with Cubase 8.0.10 and the mediabay/dock. I cannot seem to drag samples into cubase at all and the previewer does not work. Infact when I click and drag, the mouse icon does not even change to indicate that a drag and drop function is happening. I have turned OFF the control room as per steinberg’s guide.

This is happening on a fresh Windows 8.1 laptop with the above Cubase installation and a Komplete Audio 6 USB 3.0 Interface.

The previewer in the mediabay does not look right either, no wave form is displayed or moves, there is a simple line down the left edge, could indicate something is missing.

FYI, The previewer does not output sound or even a wave form of any sort, I’m also using audio files of the correct type, .wav

Anyone, not a shred of thought on this please?

Media Bay Output goes through Control Room, for me: I have a pair of seperate speakers to audition. Your drag and drop problem I can not emulate. Hope first part assists.