Cubase 8 Pro and Avid Artist

Is it possible to hide simultaneously the same channels on Cubase 8 Pro Console and on Avid Artist Mix ?

Hi, unfortunately the hide between cubase and the Artist series Mixers is NOT synchronized.

So: no.


PS.: You can of course do it “manually” with the Eucon application. I.e. assign faders to channels by Hand and recreate that in the cubase visibility. But … who would do that?

Implementing this feature is the number one thing Steinberg could do to improve Eucon functionality in Cubase. I pray that they will do this! :slight_smile:

Hi, you are right.

I consider ist a bug, since it does not make ANY sense to have visibility on the Screen being NOT followed by the fader-assignement.


Hi, agreed.

My approach is to create so called “Layouts” in the EuCon software.
Usually I have:

  • Layout “Reference” locks the ref-track on the left side
  • Layout “GROUP” allocates the GRP-TRKS from left to right.
  • others

Does not handling your question, but could help organizing, if you take the time to program the EuCon-SW.
(Unfortunately Layouts are saved with the project and not globally. Therefore must be made for ea. project. :confused:


Yes, I use the Layouts feature as well but it’s nowhere near as good as having the controller react to hidden tracks in Cubase. Steinberg PLEEEEEASE make this happen!

I’ll copy and paste a post that I made about this a while ago (in this thread: )

"Here’s an example…

I have a big project, say 200 tracks. I want to focus on 8 synth tracks that are scattered through the project. If I want to see them all together on my S3 I have to create a layout. This will involve opening EuControl and probably around twenty mouse clicks, scrolling through a list of 200 tracks to find the ones I want. Then I might want to show the same tracks on my Cubase mixer so I have to go and set that up as well. Probably takes about 5 minutes. Then when I’m finished, I have to go back into EuControl and unassign my tracks. By this point I’m way way quicker just using my mouse.

OR…. here’s what I could do if they implemented what I’m talking about.

I can select the MIDI or Audio parts I’m interested in and hit the ’Show Tracks With Selected Events’ key command. And then…. Done! That’s it! One button pressed (or Eucon softkey) and my controller, my Cubase mixer and my arrange page all show the tracks I want to work with and nothing else to get in my way. When I’m finished I can use the ‘Undo Visibility Change’ key command to bring all my tracks back.

5 minutes versus 5 seconds. :slight_smile: For me personally, this would easily double how useful the controller is."

Thanks for your answers.
I hoped that Steinberg is going to implement this feature in Eucon soon.
I will try Layouts in Eucon.

Having Avid Artist control units + eucon syncs the visibility Cubase functions would be something really awesome for improving our workflow… It should´t be rocket science for the stein berg team