CUBASE 8 pro closed unexpectedly

Hi everyone!

I would like someone to help me. I’m new user of Cubase, I have a problem when I’m using, this is unexpectedly quits after a few minutes.I use a Macbook Pro 2013 computer, 750 GB SSD, 8GB ram.

I use the two Thunderbolt ports to connect a DVI monitor and other connector to connect my Firewire card UAD Satellite.

in the 2 USB ports, one I connect my UCX RME audio interface, and the other port connect a USB 2.0 hub, this hub I connect my express xt Motu midi interface, optical mouse, and dongle Steinberg.

midi interface is powered externally.

so relatively my hub only provides power to the mouse and the usb dongle.
It is the third time I use the program and this is closes, and i’m unable to recover anything.

I Use in 3 sessions sampler native instruments battery 3 (last version), and the software of synthetic batteries, sonic charge microtonic (last version).

could someone tell me what would be my problem please? :unamused: :frowning: