Cubase 8 pro compatible midi keyboards


I used to be a Cubase 5 user with M-Audio Axiom 49 midi keyboard.

Recently upgraded to Cubase 8 and realised that my Axiom 49 is not compatible with it. There is no indication from M-Audio whether they will support it or not. Apart from one user in the Axiom community who has customised the access for Axiom 49 (2nd gen) there is nothing.

Needless to say that custom solution didn’t work.

So, I’m in the market for a midi keyboard to compatible with cubase 8 pro. Having looked here

… things don’t look so well. Apart from the nektar products (which I find a bit bulky for 49 keys) nothing else works!!!

Ok I may be exaggerating a bit, but if you have a midi keyboard that works with Cubase 8 pro could you please share a quick review?


any keyboard with midi out(assuming you have midi ports on your daw) will work or any usb keyboard. i have
roland d-5 - analog + midi
moog little phatty - analog + midi
akai mx-73 controller - midi
fcb-1010 midi footboard - midi
all connected to midi (4 ports on the tascam)

ps. if its usb make sure its plugged in and turned on BEFORE you start cubase
i see no resaon your axiom doesnt work with cubase if its setup properly. use generic remote and create a custom mapping for your mixer, etc. remember to go into the mixer afterwards and hide the “inputs” for chan 1-8 otherwise it wont work. i had same issue with cubase 8 tascam sliders not working/assigned correctly. once i went to the “visibility” tab in the mixer and “hide” all the inputs everything worked as it should. no such procedure was neccessary in cubase 7.5 or earlier.


I suppose the OP is talking about more than just the midi keyboard/generic remote working… m-audio Directlink was a driver that made two-way communication work with the faders and such on some of their various keyboards.

So, what happens when you plug the keyboard in? Anything at all?

I couldn’t recommend Nektar controllers enough.

Correct, this is exactly what I was after. Of course in Cubase 5 DIrectLink worked almost seamlessly and I could not only use the mixer straight away but also integrate it very well with all my VSTs

When the keyboard is plugged in and turned on, the OS is recognising it straight away. Driver is up to date etc…

When I turn on Cubase I create a new remote (there is no option for M-Audio Axiom), I choose Generic and I import a custom xml file published by one of the users. I also choose the Axiom Midi In (as input) and Midi Out, as opposed to Direct Link In and Out. Direct Link is available (as I have the latest drivers and software from Axiom) but still can’t make it work with the mixer or use the control buttons.

Looks like if you want to avoid spending money you’d have to create your own generic remote, like DLearyUS was saying.

I will add a vote for the Nektar controllers. I had one for a while and the integration is pretty amazing. They spend a lot of time getting it to work, and they keep updating the software. The only reason I sold mine was that I prefer a weighted keyboard. Also, one of the Nektar guys watches and posts here in the SB forums.

Thanks very much guys. Will consider the Nektar.

I’ll throw in another vote for Nektar keyboards, I love my P6!