Cubase 8 pro crash when adding slate digital FG-X


This one is weird.

When I open a specific cubase project of mine it crashes every time I add the vst3 fx plugin called Steven Slate FG-X.
A few days ago it worked fine, but today when I wanted to open the cubase project it crashed every time. I have to go back to an older version when I had not added any mastering vst fx yet. Then I added my plugins, and when I came to the Steven Slate FG-X cubase crashed. I did this Again and Again for two hours, including other tests. I can recreate it every time, when I add a specific vst3 fx plugin to this specific cubase project of mine, but in other cubase projects the vst3 fx plugin works fine. Just checked.

I have updated both elicenser and ilok. Didnt solve this.

I have added one of the cubase crash files.

It really would love if Cubase didnt just crash when these things happen, because there is no way to recover an old cubase project if the crash-causing plugins are already added, and the really old version of the cubase Projects are deleted. Anyway I will make sure to keep old backups from now on, even though I save every 10 minute or so. I dont know if sandboxing is a solution.

My system:
Cubase 8 pro
Windows 8.1 64bit
The vst3 fx plugin that definately caused the crash : Steven Slate FG-X.

Best regards