Cubase 8 Pro Crashing issues

Love the new features in Cubase 8 pro , But i can never get to use them much because of the constant crashing, the new improved workflow has come to a grinding halt ,and is no longer flowing at all, its a waste of time starting a project.
Always been a fan of steinberg for many years, so i hope they compensate with a freebee plugin or something of the kind.

Pc intel i7
32 gig Ram
Windows 7

I most add that i’m not throwing anything difficult at cubase ie heavy 3rd party plugins etc, only steinbergs own plugins, one of the culprits for causing a crash (i think) is the new Bass amp and quadrafuzz being opened at the same time, does anyone else have this problem.

My C8 crashes when I attempt to close a file or exit C8. I never had this problem with 7.5 or any previous versions going back to VST 3.7.

Updating to 8.0.5 solved a few things, but not this.

I updated to 8.5 and found cubase is now a lot more stable, only had one crash this week.

I am also having intermittent crashes which flash to a blue screen of death for less than a second ( too quick to read) on quitting a project - its never the same project. The whole computer instantly goes into a reboot. This only happens in Cubase 8 ( 32bit) and never happened in Cubase 7 (32 bit). I have a quad core AMD processor - 5gb ram windows 7 64bit. After the reboot it remains stable for the rest of the session. It usually happens after I start the PC from cold. Could this be a ram issue as I installed an extra 2gb when I upgraded to Cubase 8 or is it Cubase 8 itself?? Thoughts anyone?

Yep - I too am experiencing C8 crashing when I try to exit the program.

There is a part of me that wants to believe that this will be fixed very, very soon… on the other hand, there is an impatient part of me that is a bit ticked off that this thing wasn’t fixed before it was released.

I am not interested in being an unpaid beta tester for anyone. There’s a lesson to be learned there… :angry: