cubase 8 pro demo no spikes, bought it and now spikes ...

Coming from 7.5 after using 1 month the great demo of cubase 8 pro, version 8.0.10 with no spikes hmm great,

With the demo 8 pro, there where no real-time peaks visible.

But now after purchasing and putting the serial, immediatly I get big spikes,

allways very high real time peaks, and before none.

On just the same project same all, how is that possible. also on new light projects.


I made sure that the hard disk C is not full, 1/4 empty

Same for the garbage bin empty,
that internet is off,
virus scan is off,
and checked that the drivers did not change suddenly,

I checked the bios, no C states and no hypertread in the bios, so nothing is changed, so it is still as suggested by steinberg,

Very undesirable and unworkable suddenly,

I reset the baby face, still the same,

I did only put the new serial, with the serial from the demo, I had no problems with spikes,

with these activated serial number for 8.0.10 big problem …

And I gues no one will believe this :blush:

I resetted cubase, made the folder hidden, restart but still high, to high for a even smal projects.

This is an issue that I do not need now, suddenly it feels like my proccessor can not handle even easy tasks in cubase, only,
2 kontakt instruments is a lot of real time spikes, 50%…
3 kontakt instrument is a lot more…

I I freezed it, yes better, come on 2 instruments I have to freeze already…

Rme babyface 223, intel k 3370, 32 gig ram , windows 8, ssd 120 gig, cc 121, cubase 6,5 , 7.5 and 8.0.10, native instruments ultimate 9, graphic card is on the processor intel k 3370 but that worked fine before ,