cubase 8 pro dowload issue

I am trying to download 8 pro but every time the download gets to 1.1 it freezes and fails. I have tried on 2 different pc’s with the same result. Has anyone else had this problem?

Yes, I have the same issue and I wrote about in the following threads:

And I made a video which shows the problem:

You can try a download manager tool, that could work.

Steinberg ignores my posts and also my support ticket and other users are only laughing about and think I’m too stupid to download a file…

thanks for posting this. Have you had any luck yet? I’ve been trying download manager programs but still no download! I have 50mb broadband so it’s not a problem with that.

I have just watched your video. your download stops at the same point mine does.

After a full day of trying yesterday and all attempts using Free download manager frutratingly stopping at 99% eventually one worked. What a hassle! Glad to be up and running now though!

Same issue. Downloads continually stop at 1.21 GB. Fast connection. Several tries. Very irritated. Is there no FTP site, or even a torrent that could speed this up?