cubase 8 pro download always corrupted


i have an orignal cubase pro 8 licence but i cant download de intall successfully . the zip is always corrupt …

i downlaod so many time this 9 gb file and every time is impossoble to install the cubase pro 8

what shuold i do ?

I also faced the same issue. In my case, when I tried to extract the files through RAR, I would get a message saying that the files cannot be open or are corrupt. Are you facing the same issue?

I then right clicked on the downloaded zipped file and clicked on Open. Voila, all the files opened. Try this and see it works.

Try not to go through RAR if that helps.

I was plagued with a simular problem and it turned out to be my broadband modem. All large files seemed to be corrupt, especially my SB files… but then after I got a PS4 I was experiencing corrupted games. Once I called my provider and updated my broadband modem, all my problems wen t away. I blamed the OS for a year!

Also do a full virus scan of the PC.