cubase 8 pro grid lines

Hi. I’ve just started using cubase 8 pro on my new imac. I’m a veteran cubase user up to 7.5 on a PC.
Now I’m at a loss on a few things.
-keyboard shortcut to scroll horizontally through the project / arrange window?
-thicken the grid lines in the project / arrange window


I can’t remember what the Key Commands are by default (I have customized most of mine), but anyways…
Go to Key Commands Transport>Nudge Cursor Right/Nudge Cursor Left, and either use whatever is already set up, or modify them to your liking :wink:. This will scroll the cursor by the current Quantize value.

-thicken the grid lines in the project / arrange window

Well, I don’t think we’ve ever been able to “thicken” them, but we can darken them, in Preferences>Appearance>Colors>Project>Project Grid Color