Cubase 8 Pro Installation and also VST directories

I just got cubase 8 pro and tried to install it (via DVDs provided)
I didnt have much free space in my C partition, but although I always install my programs in my D partition cubase forces installation of a lot of files in C (without having the option to select another path)
I tried moving them in D later on, but things like Halion Sonic SE and Groove Agent are missing by cubase

Also a second problem is that cubase scans all my drives for media, so it sees my previous VST plugin paths by other daw software (installed before) I cant seem to make cubase NOT see thouse plugins even if I delete their paths in the Plugin manager
Plugins are still there (in the plugin manager) and also cubase re-scan everything on new program launch

I have uninstalled everthing except my eLicencer control and will try a new install (later or tommorrow)
is there any benefit of downloading the files from steinberg’s ftp or is it just two iso files like on the DVD provided?

Do you have any suggestions that can help me with my problems?
Thanks in advance

If your hard drive is that full, you may be headed for problems. Clean out anything you don’t need to free up space, although I would highly recommend getting a larger hard drive.


it indeed looks like you have more than one problem.

Cubase allows to install the Content on another drive. During installation, please see that the installer will tell you which components will be installed (on the left). Clicking on them will allow you to change the path (lower-right). If you move the files later on, you will need to create short-cuts in the new path and move these to the original location - I would advise a re-installation, though.

Please, do not install the application itself on another drive, this is unsupported.

The plug-ins paths are shown in the Plug-in Manager and should never be set to scan a whole drive, but only the specific VST folders. Unless, you are mixing this up with the MediaBay entry ‘All Media’ - this is totally unrelated to scanning VST plug-ins, though.

If Cubase is re-scanning the plug-ins each time, it probably has problems writing in the Preferences folder. If you are not using an administrator user account, it might be necessary to run the application with administrative privileges.

The ISO images on the ftp are indeed the images of the Retail DVDs.
I second bluzkat’s comment.

Hope this helps.