Cubase 8 "Pro" is here!

Cubase 8 “Pro” is here!

Congratulations! Without your posting here we may have never realized it!

thank you very much!


So, I’m excited about the Virgin Territories automation feature. Great for experimenting with sound while the Read button is lit. Something we couldn’t do before.

You could always turn off Read, but then your production wouldn’t play back properly.

This solves all that.

ASIO Guard 2 looks to be amazing. As does the load time improvements.

I have a 7 minute loading project that I’m looking forward to trying.

Sad that Render In-place doesn’t work with side-chained plugins. This makes it mostly useless for me.

Weird that Render In-place has no feature to power off the plugins (it only mutes them). Well-written VST3 plugins (I question how many are) would not use power with no signal being sent to them, but in the real world, many of us are still using VST2 plugins.

EDIT: Wait, does Mute even spare processing on VST3? I think Mute is a post-inserts thing, right? So, this feature may not even spare CPU for well-written VST3 plugins or VSTis. Someone will need to confirm.

Bummed there was no update to Versioning to inlclude automation and plugins. So, this feature remains useless to me.

VCA Faders are cool. I don’t need them, but I know many will be glad to see this.

No more Windows’ MDI limits! Great to see they finally broke free of that nightmare. Docking looks very 1.0, but it’s a great start.

Still have the 6 freezable inserts limit from 1998! Arrrg! I’ll forgive them as they moved forward in so many other ways.

Still no batch freeze/unfreeze. And of course no editable freeze (but Render In-place, for some, will take the sting out of this omission).

No improvements to Remote Devices.

No proper beizer curves (ouch). This is starting to creep to the top of my wish list.

Chord Pads look amazing! I see myself using it.

Direct Outs look super cool, especially in how they tie into the Batch Export Mixdown features.

Hey, don’t be snarky. :laughing:

This thing hit with no fanfare and I have yet to find an email announcement from SB in my inbox. Without this post, I’d still be in the dark.

On a related matter, I would like to point out that Ask Video already has a Cubase 8 series of tutorials ready to view. A couple of weeks ago, I signed up for a one-month-for-99-cents deal - boy am I getting my money’s worth out of that deal! Normal price is $25/month, so if anyone with a few other videos they’d like to view may find the price easily justified.

Hope a trial shows up soon, so we can check out all the new features.

wow! that was a surprise out of the blue! not expected until well into next year!

“Massive Engine Rebuild”…makes me weary tho. im not gonna risk 8.00.00

I don’t check the Steinberg homepage often, and they don’t send out emailings, so yes, this was the first I heard of it.

One very good reason for testing a trial version, before buying.

VST Plugins Manager is welcome. finally!

Just got the email announcing it. I cannot wait to buy it and use it. No trial needed here (but then I do not make my living out of it).

Not looking forward to the wingers of any Cubase upgrade who I can see coming over the hill as I write.

Two weeks outside grace period. Grrrr…

Don’t worry guys save your money, the new features does not works as expected and Mac performance is not good.

Can you elaborate? Such generic ranting helps noone. What is not working as expected (and how)? Can you show us examples of the performance issues?

I only compared one project on 7.5 and 8.0 but I was pretty disappointed to find that the amount of cpu consumed by Cubase when sitting idle had actually increased slightly. For this project, the idle cpu consumption is around 65%. This is on a 12 core 2.2 Gh Mac Pro. Because of this, I have to freeze tracks a lot (I really have problems, it’s not just based on what the activity meter says) and I was also disappointed to find that they had done nothing to improve the freeze/unfreeze feature, either.

Do you mean on a laptop it’s not performing as well? I’m just curious.

Also, I see you are on a Macbook pro. Some of my buddies are using just a laptop with Cubase + sample drive (i think flash G-Tech was one setup) to score tv shows now. So impressive. What kind of music are you making?

Hallo after some tests, I’ve to say is not performing as Steinberg promise, and the real useful features and bug fixes left on Cubase 7.5 are not fixed yet. Let me explain, if you have itunes play, and launch cubase the general volume raise up 6bd, I don’t know why. Melodyne still crash the application, and some Kontakt instance too. I’ve loaded a song from 7.5 session and at 2048 buffer size the spikes are there and cannot play correctly with only 3 instruments open and 3 audio tracks. Some 6 audio plugs on the mix in the meantime, like Ozone, Tracks, PSP BusPressor and Xeon. Under 6.5 the situation is much better, all the plugs works fine and I can add other instruments without problem. Retina displays is not supported, Variaudio is with same problems as before. Randomly crash for different reasons, and I cannot save some preferences. External FX routing is not possible to save, since Cubase 5 they forgot to update this important side of Cubase. Gui is a little slowest than before. A very good point is the project save, very fast much more than before, but 99euro for that feature is a quite expensive I think. I suggest you to wait the demo and post your decision later.

It appears that your problems are caused by third-party plugins. Try removing all third-party from your VST folder and see if the issues remains. If they don’t, you need to contact the plug-in manufacturers. Steinberg can’t be held responsible for Melodyne, Kontakt or any other third-party product.