Cubase 8 "Pro" is here!

Cubase 8 “Pro” is here!

Yes, finally there is a difference between Cubase Artist and Cubase [ v a c u u m ].

And the manual says (Cubase Pro only) for sections where Cubase Artist won’t have the functionality.
Instead of (Cubase only) …
It’s been like that for years and it also reminds me we need a facepalm emoticon in the forums!

But whatever. Now there are two versions with separate names so you can talk about them without confusion! :sunglasses:

I’ll wait for the 8.0.1 release this time, but there seem to be some amazing new aditions!!!

Yeah, finally PRO :laughing:


But i just spent my spare cash for the month on plugins n Christmas presents.

Howlingulf is right face palm needed.

I’ll just have to wait till next month now.enjoy all you lucky owners the new features look great.