Cubase 8 Pro: Menuoption MIDI->Function->Mirror

Dear Support,

In previous version (7.5) menuoption Menuoption MIDI->Function->Mirror made the retrgograde operation right (i.e. the result was a complete visual time-wise mirror of the notes).

Cubase 8 Pro: Menuoption MIDI->Function->Mirror do not work properly (please see the attachment).

Kind regards
Erkki Finni

Where’s the attachment?

I just tried it here, and it worked the same as in 7.5.

Please see the attachment - now it should be in.

Kind regards
Erkki Finni

Ok, good to know. I submitted a new message and it should include the attachment now. Please notice that my score (or actually Key Editor) has variable time signature - maybe it has something to do with the problem I met.

Are you sure you are not accidentally using the “reverse function”?

Yes, I am. Yesterday I actually tested both of the functions, but the results in the both cases were incorrect as you could see in my screenshots. The file had been open for hours as I tried to Mirror a row. Maybe CB8 was “tired” about using such functions after working for a long time without a break :wink:

The “reverse” function gave a different kind of result (error). I tried to find the “Retrograde” operation for a note row within the Logical editor, but without success.

NB. The Cubase Project I worked with was created with version 7.5

---------------------------- a few hour later --------------------------------

Now I retested the “Mirror” function in a brand new file and … a pleasant surprise … the Mirror worked well.
After that I opened the file which caused the problem yesterday and … another pleasant surprise again … the Mirror worked as it should.

So, let’s close the case for now. I will inform you or other in the Forum, if the problem returns.

Thanks for been active and helpful!

Erkki Finni

Weird and interesting. Thanks to you too.

I am currently experiencing this problem.

Cubase acts correctly in the first attempt but anything after it confuses with reverse

First attempt after restart:

Select Midi
Outcome is correct
(Interestingly check Edit>Undo, it says undo reverse instead)

Second attempt:

Select Midi
Outcome is reversed

I made a 44 second clip to illustrate the problem, Cubase is getting the reverse MIDI function confused with mirror:

Should I post this in the issues sub-forum?

The label in the undo history is wrong, so that should be reported. Note that the function is undone correctly though. (refer to the stickies in that forum for the guidelines)

As for the rest, can you please perform these reproduction steps?

  1. Create the following notes: C,D,E,F,G,A like this: 8th, 8th, quarter, 8th, 8th, quarter.

  1. Invoke Mirror (Here’s my result, it worked correctly)

  1. Invoke Mirror again (Here, it goes back to the original, i.e., works okay)

I did the same with Reverse, and it also worked as expected. Note that Reverse only reverses the order of the notes taking into account only the start time of each note.

Also, can you please post images rather than video? It’s rather difficult to verify what’s going on in a video, whereas with images you can grab just the moment needed. I use this brilliant app called “Greenshot”. Very quick to use and can upload to with one click.