Cubase 8 Pro, new computer -> lower performancce

Hello! I bought recently a new computer (specs below) and now i have noticed that cubase performs notably weaker that with in my old computer. ASIO meter is costantly almost clipping and therefore causing clicks and crackling, sometimes losing all audio and have to restart cubase. I have maxed the buffer size in my audio interface and it gives little help, but adding two or so VST instruments, the fun starts again, and not to mention latency issues when i have to increase the buffer size causing it to be very hard to play MIDI keyboard in real time. And we are talking project size like 20 - 30 tracks with couple of Omnispheres, few Serums, two or so Divas and few wav. tracks. Those are quite heavy VST:s i know, but my old computer handled them better with much weaker specs.

All the Programs and VST:s are clean istall to a fress platform and all drivers all up to date. Same applies to all eLicencers etc. I have tried all the options in preference settings but with weak results. I have monitored the usage of cores in my processor and they are nowhere near to max.
Is Win10 creators update messing my computer or what cause i know this machine should do better than my old one? Here´s all the specs:

OS: Win10 Pro
DAW: C8 Pro
Interface: Focusrite Scarlett 6i6

i7 8700K
32gb Ram
EVGA GTX ti 11g
m.2 disk 500gb
7200rpm disk 1T



Use LatencyMon utility to check your system, please.

Ok. Installed the LatencyMon and results is in attachment. It seems that there is some issues indeed. Any suggestions how to fix this? Thanks!

Try suggested stuff in the red text.

Went to BIOS and changed the scheme from daily use to gaming and multimedia and voilá, instant improvement. Allthough there is still some issues, but little tweaking should help that too. Motherboard is Asus ROG Strix Z370-E Gaming and it comes with BIOS GUI with easy of use, if someone has similar problem, its very easy to fix it there. Thank you for help and that LatencyMon tip! Cheers!