Cubase 8 Pro not seeing slave VEPro server

Hi guys, just installed Cubase 8 Pro after a few years but the Vienna Ensemble Pro plugin isn’t seeing the server on my slave machine. Logic sees it and connects just fine, and even if I type the correct server into Cubase it says “connection failed”.

Strange thing is that it connects just fine when I host the VEPro server on the same machine… the issue is Cubase 8 seeing my slave VEPro server (doesn’t matter if I run 32 or 64 bit).

Any help would be much appreciate since I’m trying to transition from Logic! I want to get this sorted out before I spend another $200 on the update to 9.5. Tried Cubase builds 8.0 and 8.0.35, running VEPro 6.0.17011 on both machines.


Hi and welcome,

Double-check your antivirus or Firewall settings, if it doesn’t block the communication, please.

I guess the plug-in is present (so not blacklisted), if you can see VEPro server while running on the same computer.